"Be a man to men, a warrior to demons and always God’s boy…"

"The difference between a Christian that understands grace vs a self righteous pharisee is the person who trully understands grace knows that he cannot please God in his own strength nor by his own works, he is completely dependant upon God for righteousness and he lives by faith unto good works prepared in advance by Christ for him to do. The self righteous man trusts in himself to glory in his own works depending on pride and self will to make build his own kingdom by his own hands. The person who understands grace builds his house upon the foundation which already exists in Christ, the self righteous man builds his own castle on a foundation of sand."

"Let us look at who we are for that is the best indication of who our sons will become."

— E. James Wilder

"Every father should remember….that one day his son will follow his example…instead of his advise"

"We can do Better"